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Tonight we have one of those items that we just hate to sell, but we can't keep everything so off to E-Bay it goes....... Tonight we are putting up for auction A COMPLETE 3 VOLUME BOOK SET OF THE CIVIL WAR BY WILLIAM DAVIS...... THIS SET OF BOOKS LOOKS AS IF THEY WERE NEVER READ OR EVEN OPENED , AS THE PAGES ARE STILL BRIGHT WHITE AND THE BOOKS SEEMED STUCK TOGETHER IN THE SLEEVE AS I OPENED IT.....THE 1st BOOK OF THE THREE IS TITLED..... THE FIGHTING MEN OF THE CIVIL WAR .....THE 2nd BOOK IS TITLED THE BATTLEFIELDS OF THE CIVIL WAR ........and THE 3rd BOOK IS TITLED THE COMMANDERS OF THE CIVIL WAR ......EACH BOOK IS ABOUT 1" THICK AND THIS 3 VOLUME SET CONTAINS ALMOST ANY THING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS FAMOUS WAR BETWEEN THE STATES AS THE GRAPHICS ARE BRIGHT AND THE TEXT IS VERY INFORMATIVE...... Please note Ebay no longer allows sellers to offer other forms of payment other than PayPal in their listings . However, Ebay states in an Ebay FAQ response, that “A seller can accept check and m.o. payment from a buyer if (and only if ) the buyer requests it.” We support Ebay's position on this matter and agree to work with our customers accordingly……
This 3 volume set is heavy, but will be shipped book rate and the winning bidder will pay shipping of $9.85 within the lower 48 states , and overseas

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