3 Piece Rare Vintage Slingerland 50's Bebop Drum Set

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Here is a rare 3 Piece Slingerland 50's Bebop drum kit. They sound amazing, but are in need of full restoration. They have been painted black and some of the hardware has been painted silver. Just know that if you are buying this kit. This would be a great restartion project. This is a rare and hard to find set. Look it up! The set started out as a 2 piece and someone added the floor tom later. It looks to be from the same era though. The finish on the shells under the paint is white with gold speckles in it, but is cracked and starting to come off. All the hardware looks to be nickel over brass. Im sure you could polish it up abit but some will need to be redone. All the heads on the bass and floor tom are slingerland radio king calf skin. The snare someone has redone in wmp and it is in ok shape. I don't think it was glued on just loose over the shell heled on by the lugs. The bass drum is reverseable and can be played laying down or standing up. The top hoop is nickel over brass and the bottom is wood. The top hoop is bent as is the to hoop of the floor tom. The bass drum pedal is reversible aswell and is in great shape with the oridginal wool beater. The badge is missing the gromet to hold it in and it is missing the legs to stand it up. I do have
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