Pigeon book:masters of breeding racing; Victor Vansalen

masters of




racing pigeons and mendelian

principles -

chromosomes and genes -

origin and strains -

breeding and racing methods

of internationally

famous champions

Hardcover book, 1991, 479 pages, 7 x 9 ¾ inches, Many Color and Black/white photos & illustrations throughout, overall in excellent condition. The binding is tight. The dust jacket has two small tears and is in very good condition. The hardcover is in excellent condition. The pages are in excellent condition.

Scarce, classic comprehensive highly acclaimed text from the world renowned pioneering expert on pigeon racing in continental Europe. Presents detailed topics dealing with breeding and racing methods of successful lofts; a history of the modern racing pigeon; basic tenets and principles of breeding and development; genetic disposition, environmental factors and pigmentation; super dominance and ditary resistance; breeding and racing hens on the widowhood system; the stud system; line breeding; linkage; old strains and modern lofts; etc.

A great addition to the serious fancier's library.