Pillars of the Earth game New Craftsmen expansion sealed NEW 6 cards Spielbox

This 6 card mini-expansion for Pillars of the Earth is sealed in the wrapper, and was available from Spielbox magazine issue #6 of 2007.

The new cards have similar yet new abilities that represent actions like those played in the base game.

Beggar (Bettler) - may take any one resource from the Kingsbridge Resource Market. Day Laborer (Tagelöhner) - can transform any one resource into one victory point. Tinsmith (Zinngießer) - can transform one metal into two victory points. Goldsmith (Goldschmied) - can transform three gold into one victory point. Market Warden (Marktwart) - awards one victory point for each Master Builder pawn placed in the Kingsbridge Resource Market during the round. Gardener (Gartenbauer) - can transform one each of stone, wood, and sand into five victory points.

" Here are six new craftsmen you can add to your Pillars of the Earth games! They are compatible with both the basic game and the expansion.

These craftsmen are mixed together with the ones in the basic game (and the expansion if you are using it), but the number of craftsmen available is not increased.

In 2-4 player games, only four craftsmen are available each round, as normal. (two on the spaces in Shiring, and two below the board with the resource cards).

In 5 or 6 player games, there are five craftsmen
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