Pilot '77 Custom Steel Stripe Fountain Pen,18K WG Nib

Pilot '77 Custom Steel Stripe Fountain Pen,18K WG Nib

is one of Pilot's most enduring models, the Custom. The Pilot Custom line has been around since 1964, and is distinguished by its wide variety of nib options. That's why they called it the Custom; with a wide variety of nib options, you could buy a pen "off the rack" with your nib preference as if it were customized for you.

During its 40 year history the Pilot Custom has been redesigned many times. This particular model was designed in the 1970s when Pilot started a striped steel pen boom. They made their Murex, Capless and Custom pens out of stainless steel with grooves which they filled with black enamel. Soon all the pen companies were making steel black striped pens.

These pens feel great, and since the finish is brushed steel, they continue looking great even after years of abuse. Even scratches don't look bad on this type of finish. The black stripes are recessed, away from exposure to rubbing. It's a bit heavier than most pens.

This pen also has a spring type clip to fit any thickness of pocket fabric.

over 30 stroke kanji To preserve the color harmony, Pilot fitted this pen with a huge 18K White Gold nib. The date stamp is on the nib, H677 for June of 1977. The nib is a fine point, which is the most popular size on Japanese pens w common
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