PILOT Custom 742 Rare POSTING nib,Thinest FP of Pilot.

l Pilot Custom 742 POSTING ( PO ) nib 14 Kt Fountain Pen

Brand new, never used, 100% authentic.

l Custom 742 Posting Nib

Soar to new writing heights with the   Namiki Posting nib leek in its unique style, this black fountain pen is a remarkable pen. This Posting nib is even thiner than Fine and Extra Fine.

Usually, Posting(PO) nib is like an eagle leap size, downward nib. As the nib is so thin, actually it is the thinnest one among all pilot nib; perfect writing in a narrow space. If you don't know this PO nib, you should try this one.

Manufacture: Pilot

Model: Sailor: Pilot Posting Nib Black Fountain pen (Made in Japan )

Nib material: 14kt solid gold
Nib size: Posting nib
Filling system: Converter included

Barrel: 11mm
Length: 146m (cap closed) & 159 (cap open)

Age: 2005

Average prize of this pen is $185-290 . So, bid with confidence.

l About Pilot

Ryosuke Namiki, the founder of Namiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd., in 1918, was an alumni and professor of Tokyo Nautical School . He successfully invented a gold writing tip for fountain pens. Namiki's success owed to the
collaboration from his friend and classmate Masao Wada. In 1938, Namiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd was changed to the Pilot Pen Co., Ltd.,
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