Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point Pen"Fermo"Black 18kt M nib

Pilot Capless FERMO Fountain Pen

.... Pilot 1 st Vanishing Point Capless Pen .

Pen is brand new and 100% authentic .

The new product in September 2006. This pen is the world first Pilot Capless model pen 1 st Decimo. Pilot company is remaking it and selling it ONLY in Japan . Even in Japan , you have to buy the whole set with four different colors-Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green and Diamond Silver. But, you can buy any color that you want... DON'T MISS.

It's called the Fermo and apparently it has a twist mechanism to retract the nib rather than the click mechanism.

Manufacture: Pilot

Color: Black
Nib -18k Rotation system

Nib size: M size nib
Filling system: Converter included
Barrel: Brass Paint &13mm
Length: 141mm

Age: 2006, September

Average price of this pen is 195-210 USD in Japan . So, you can bid with confidence.

l About Pilot

Ryosuke Namiki, the founder of Namiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd., in 1918, was an alumni and professor of Tokyo Nautical School . He successfully invented a gold writing tip for fountain pens. Namiki's success owed to the
collaboration from his friend and classmate Masao Wada. In 1938, Namiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd was changed to the Pilot Pen Co., Ltd., as the company grew. Pilot Corporation,
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