PILOT NAMIKI VORTEX For New Users Transparent Blue Stainless Steel Fountain Pen


Fountain Pen for New Users

Transparent Blue Color

Stainless Steel MEDIUM Nib Sizes

Fountain Pen

Note: There is no ink bottle attached. The pen only comes with an original box, an instruction paper, a converter, and cartridges.

Only from Engeika: Cartridges and Converter included

SPECIFICATION Manufacturer: PILOT NAMIKI Model number: FVS-150R-TL-M Body: Resin & Rubber Transparent body Nib material: Stainless Steel nib Nib size: MEDIUM nib Filling system: Cartridges and Converter CON-20, CON-50 Only from Engeika: Converter CON-20 included Barrel: 15.5mm Length: 126mm (cap closed) Weight: 15.9g MADE IN JAPAN


Ryosuke Namiki, the founder of Namiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd., in 1918, was an alumni and professor of Tokyo Nautical School. He successfully invented a gold writing tip for fountain pens. Namiki’s success owed to the collaboration from his friend and classmate Masao Wada. "Zen and the Art of Pen Making." As the oldest and largest manufacturer of writing instruments in Japan, Pilot maintains a Zen-like philosophy. It is symbolized by an ancient bronze vessel which stands on three legs. One leg represents people who make Pilot products. The second leg represents those who sell the products, and the third leg stands for those who
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