Pilot Pocket Type Fountain Pen, MultiFacet Band, 14KNib

Pilot Pocket Type Fountain Pen, Multi Facet Band, 14K Nib

is a gorgeous Pilot pocket size fountain pen. This is the kind of pen you find yourself staring at when you are supposed to be working.

The cap and barrel have a warm satin silver surface. The ring which connects the barrel with the nib section is an amazing multi-faceted gold design, which sparkles like hundreds of tiny diamonds. A beautiful leaf and vine design encircles the middle of the pen.

Place this pen on the table at your next meeting and watch other people reach for it.

Pocket size pens like this were very popular in Japan from the 60's to the 80's. As the diagram below illustrates, they have a short barrel coupled with a long nib section into which the ink cartridge fits deeply. The long cap corresponds to the length of the nib section.

When capped, these pens are a perfect compact size for carrying in your pocket. When the long cap is posted on the short barrel, these pens become full sized, and perfectly balanced for comfortable writing. Although no company produces them today, Japanese pocket pens are enjoying new popularity in the west now as collectors and users recognize the ingenuity of this practical design.

The color of the barrel is a dark deep pink, but not quite as flaming red as the photograph indicates.

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