Pilsbury "Chips" Hodgkins Cabinet Card Photo from 1884

This is a cabinet photo of Pilsbury Hodgkins (1825-1892). Photo is in excellent condition. T is writing on the back of card that says Pilsbury Hodgkins Dec. 25, 1884. Email me with questions. Hodgkins, at age 24, was infected with "Gold Fever" while working inBoston, Mass., as a shipwright. As did so many others, he made thedecision to head for the gold fields of California to seek his fortune.
His grueling work schedule on the San Joaquin River was interrupted for a short time when at the end of July 1858, he recorded in his journal: "Chips was married." Another messenger, Richard M. Hall, substituted for him on two riverboat trips so that he could get married. At the San Francisco home of friend and businessman Joseph S. Bacon, "Pilsbury (Chips) Hodgkins united with Miss Louisa G. Shattuck who forsook her home in the East, family, and friends of childhood, and came across the stormy seas" to unite with him. The first of his three sons was born in 1859.
In 1877, he left the steamship life and worked at the San Francisco office until December 1891, when illness overtook him. Confined to his home, Chips died in September of 1892 at the age of 67.
Mr. Hodgkins was born in Nobleboro, Maine. In 1848 left for California, working his passage as carpenter on ship, York (Pacific Company). Landing in San Francisco, headed for
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