Pilsner On Call POC Beer Case of 24 12oz bottles in box

This is a Very Rare Find!! An Original Un-Opened Crate of

P.O.C Pilsner On Call

Also Know as Pleasure On Call

This Crate of 24 Un-opened Bottles was Recently Found In an

Old Cellar During a Home Renovation in 2007

These Bottles are For Collectors only NOT intended for drinking

Don't Miss Your Chance To Get a Great Peice of Brewing History

Made in Cleveland Ohio And Philidepha PA

The Beer in the bottles has been Keep In the case Out of Light and Heat

And still looks Fresh and Clean like the day it was Bottled!

All 24 Bottles are fully Sealed and NEVER opened.

T is NO date On the Box but I think these are from the Late 60's -70's

Act Fast and Place your Bids Early on this Great Vintage Collectors Item.

Please Feel free to ask me any Questions you may have