Pin Cushion Doll - German

This is the second German pin cushion doll I am selling. I sold one recently and now am selling an identical one. I bought two last year (identical) and like them so much that I decided to keep them. Since we are now selling the house since me and my wife are close to retirement we are selling many things for there will be no space to keep everything we accumulated over the years.

It is small and beautiful, one of the prettiest I have seen. Please compare it to others being offered. It measures about 2.5 in. tall and is ready to be placed and sewed on to a cushion. If you are a collector please compare this one to others and you will see what I mean.

The size is smaller 2.1/4 not 2.5. There is something I had not noticed on the first pin cushion doll, and now on the second. She seems to be covering her heart with the left hand and making a straight hand with her right. Not sure but it seems that this might mean "straight from the heart" in sign language. If it does it make it precious. The quality of this piece is uncommon when compared to any other Pin Cushion doll being sold at the same time on Ebay.