A very interesting and important. Pinchbeck gilt pair cased watch . with a verge, fusee movement. with square pillars.serviced. Made by Richard Heap , London with a nice low number, C 1770 VERY WELL PRICED!!! PLEASE DO TAKE TIME TO READ THE FULL LISTING AND DO ENLARGE THE PHOTOGRAPHS TO GET A BETTER LOOK. SORRY FOR ANY REFLECTION. CASE. The outer gilt pinchbeck case is in mint condition and the measurement is 45 m.m edge to edge and is in very nice condition, with a very interesting watch paper just to round the watch off and so nice to have. The inner gilt pinchbeck case with the watch is also in mint condition measurement is 38 m.m. A pair perfect fit as shown . All the hinges and clips work well on the cases. DIAL. The white enamel dial with Roman numerals for the hours and Roman divisions for the minutes. HANDS. very fine original gold hands. GLASS. The glass is very high domed bull nose clean and clear, MOVEMENT. The fire gilt movement is currently running it just goes to show what a fine watchmaker Richard Heap was to have made this watch for it to run so well after all these years. It runs to the full length of the chain. The fire gilt movement is signed on the back plate Richard Heap London with the low number 222, with a very ornately engraved and pierced balance cock with a silver Tompion regulator, and very nice Square ... read more