Pine Flag Document Display Case - Flame Charred Finish

Solid Pine
Flag & Document
Display CaseFlame Burned Finish For 3-1/2� X 5 Flag & 8-1/2� X 11� Landscape Document
Veteran made by Hand Fine Furniture, Heirloom Quality

Now in our 12th year on Ebay

Have respect for your flag. Don't display it in a foreign made case. Check my feedback to see what others who have purchased one of my cases have to say about the quality See my other auction for more cases and options

Please e-mail me if you have any special request. I can accommodate most any quantity, color, wood type, size, finish, or any other request you may have.

This is a beautiful hand-made flag/document display case. My cases are 100% hand built, down to the trim and molding. It is made for a 3x5 flag and a 8-1/2� x 11 landscape document. The case is built from white pine lumber. This is the same as my other pine cases but may have some solid knots. Any defects, large, or loose knots are not used and cut away. This model can be a table top or wall display. There are no plastics or particle board used in construction of this case. The case has been burned with a torch for the color, and finished with multiple coats of clear gloss lacquer. The case is belt sanded to remove any milling marks, it is then finished sanded with progressively finer sandpaper. The stain is applied and allowed to
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