Pinewood Derby Mustang

This is a pre-cut pinewood derby kit to look like a Mustang. The pictures of the finished Mustangs are not for sale and just samples of what you can do with the kit. The kit comes with pre-cut mustang car made from a solid piece of pine manufactured by Mills Crafts not from the official BSA kit, so be sure to make sure this kit is legal for your race. Four Pinecar brand wheels. Four Mills Crafts speed type axles, faster than the axles typically supplied with most kits. One ounce of Mills Crafts steel weights and pre-drilled weight holes.

The size of the body meets all typical pinewood derby events, width is 2-9/16", length 7", height 1-1/2" without wheels installed and 1-3/4" between the wheels same as typical PWD block.

The finished cars show raised hood cowls, side skirts and front fairings. These are features I added with scrap pieces of pine, Not included with kit. The pictures of the unfinished kit is what you get.

Thanks and good racing!