Ping Eye2 Lob Wedge Square Grooves NEW NEVER BEEN HIT!

NEW, NEVER BEEN HIT. Ping Eye 2 square groove Lob Wedge. This is not a misprint, this club has never hit even ONE golf ball!!!

Right Hand. Black dot which is standard lie. Ping began offering the Ping Eye 2 irons in the early 1980's with square grooves. In the late 1980's, the USGA and Ping became involved in a controversy concerning the legality of these square grooves and Ping agreed to stop offering what were deemed to be the non-conforming grooves. This wedge has the controversial grooves and will stop the ball on a dime. It is shafted with a True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 Stiff steel shaft.

If you have read this far then you know what you are bidding on. These square groove wedges can not be made anymore without violating USGA rules. But, these are legal according to the USGA as they were grandfatd in. Simply put, you get more spin out of the rough. Better control of your shots, lower your number of strokes, win more money off your friends! Bid now, the original Eye2 may be the best iron design ever made.

The serial number is 268765, so feel free to call Ping to verify the specifications.

I have a matching Sand Wedge listed also.

I accept PAYPAL Only.

Also, please note I only ship to continental US. No foreign bidders, please (and yes, Canada is a foreign country.)