If you've ever wanted a set of ISI NIckels this is the finest set you will find unless you somehow find a new set...this set was already in excellent condition when I first acquired them. In my opinion, this is as close as Ping ever came to making a "pretty" iron. I am VERY proud to present this set for bidding.
This NO RESERVE auction is for a Professionally restored MATCHED set (3-PW) of Ping ISI BERYLLIUM NICKEL BLACK Dot irons (Standard lie & 1/2" longer than standard length) with STIFF Ping ZZ Lite shafts and NEW BLACK WIDOW TOUR SILK grips (standard size-pictured) The shafts are all straight and shiny with no rust or pitting and all of the shaft bands are still present and are also in good condition. (pictured) The Black Widow grips look and feel absolutely incredible and the name "Tour Silk" fits perfectly.
The serial #s ( 169784M )(pictured ) MATCH ON ALL 8 CLUBS and have been verified by Ping ( ) to be authentic ISI BERYLLIUM NICKEL BLACK dot irons. This was a specially ordered set in that the original owner ordered this set with a 49.5 degree pitching wedge (W2)(pictured) instead of the standard 47 degree. Ping has also verified this. After returning the heads to their original factory finish, New special thermo paint fill was applied. As you can see from the pictures, the heads have the same "galvanized"
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