Pink Cambridge Decagon Etch #733 DEUX COQS sugar bowl

's a beautiful old piece of colored elegant glassware from the famous Cambridge Glass Company of Cambridge, Ohio. The etched decoration on this is Cambridge's Etch #733, known as "Deux Coqs" a/k/a Cock-A-Two a/k/a Kissing Peacocks a/k/a some other things I don't remember, and it dates from the 1920's. It's a nice little old-timey art deco-type etch (aren't they all), featuring two skinny birds perched on either side of an urn amidst some scrolly flowery stuff. This sugar bowl is part of Cambridge's "Decagon" line of glassware or dinnerware, and the blank or mold is shown in old Cambridge catalogs as 867 Sugar .

The piece is about 3-3/4" tall, is about 5-1/2" wide at the handles, and about 4" wide at the wide part of the body. The mouth is about 3-7/8" wide, and the base or foot is about 2-3/4" across. The foot has gold on the edges, as does the mouth of the piece, and t's also two gold "swooshes" (for lack of a better sort of looks like the Nike symbol) on each of the handles, and the gold is almost completely intact (t's a speck or two of wear in spots, but the thing pretty much looks like it's been sitting in the back of a china cabinet for the past seventy or so years). It's a beautiful old piece with a great etch and great color and a great blank, and it wants to come live with you.

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