Pink Depression Glass Normandie Salt & Pepper Shakers


This auction is for a set of Pink Salt & Pepper Shakers. The big question is: are they reproductions of the Federal Glass Company pattern Normandie, or Bouquet and Lattice, orginally made 1933 to 1940. The shakers are 4 1/8" tall to the top of the shaker lid. The pattern is fairly clear and distinct on the shakers. Generally on reproductions the pattern is not as clear and detailed. The lid on the salt shaker has deteriorated due to the salt. T is a fleabite in the top edge just under the lid in the pepper shaker and the salt shaker has 2 tiny fleabites in the top edge just under the lid, too. The pepper shaker is clean on the inside but the inside of the salt shaker shows slight hazing from the salt. The base of the shakers is thick and t is a slight circular indentation in the base of each of the shakers. Each shaker has 2 seams on the sides. So while the shakers show age from use, it is still difficult to say that they are not reproductions. If you have any information that might help to determine if they are reproductions, please feel free to email me. I have started them at a low starting price because I am no expert on this particular pattern and it's reproductions and I can't guarantee they are not reproductions.

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