PINK ! Flamingo Plastic Lawn Ornament SINGS Dances Luau

This is a great flamingo that sings and dances. He is motion activated and turns his head and wiggles his tail and sings when you walk by him. He is the same idea as "Billy Bass" the singing fish. This is the second one I have owned (the first my Grandkids wore out) and I bought them both at The Kitchen Collection outlet and have never seen them anyw else and they told me they stopped carrying them. They had one in the front door of the store and it was a riot watching the people dance when they waIlked in. He has two songs and has a Jamaican accent and he sings to steel band kind of music. He says: "Whatcha be lookin at mon, you never heard a pink flamingo sing?". The body is about 12" long and 14" high. It stands on a 20" long plastic rod that fits into a three legged stand and t is also a stake that the rod fits into. So you can put in on a flat surface or stick it in the ground. This one has been used probably only a dozen times and has been stored without the batteries. It is clean and smoke-free. The screw to the battery compartment is gone because I never left the batteries in it and it closes without it. I am not including batteries. I have too many flamingos and I am thinning down the flock! I charge only the actual Priority Mail fee with no add-on extras. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests

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