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Wow! What can I say! I just bought a pick-up truck load load of LP's from the nephew of an Audiophile record collector who has passed on to that big band in the heavens! I say this as all of the albums are in the record collector plastic storage bags and in really nice shape for the most part. All of the LP's themselves are in great shape and I just played the Wall & Daek Side of the Moon and both played great and were free of skips or background noise! Now of course I haven't had time to play all 4 different LP's but all look to be in great shape, the LP covers have minor defects on a few, some edge wear/rubbing,Dark Side of the Moon has a little corner edge rubbing, and there doesn't appear to be any additional posters or stickers included or anything like that but these may not have come with all the frills as they are all early/1rst US pressings and not later re-issues or imports that included all the extra frills to induce buyers to buy additional copys! I am starting the bidding very low at just $10 + $4. for shipping and the labor of packing these securely with plenty of protection and shipping tape etc to insure they arrive in great shape and the package will be clearly marked records/fragile handle with care/do not throw as the PO likes to do with packages sometime's but I doubt they will as this package will weigh

I and my 8 rescued dogs and cats thank you for your continued support and the help you guys provide, most of the funds go to vet bills,food and my medical bills as I to am disabled thanks to a drunk hit-n-run driver!

GOD bless- Happy 4th of July! Let freedom ring! Semper-fidelis!

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