PINK FLOYD The Wall Super rare 20 Mounted Film Cells

You are getting a set of
20 different Film Cells from
We have approx. 60 different scenes so buy up to 3 sets with zero duplicates.

Each unique film cell is laminated, mounted in an archival quality slide mount and all 20 slides are placed inside an archival quality page, perfect for storing in a 3 ring binder.

Each set of cells is unique & contains original strips of film. The film cells that you receive will not be identical to the ones shown in the Sample images yet they will be very similar.

What are they? A “film cell” is a single section of 35mm film cut from an actual print of a particular movie. It contains the image, four sprocket holes on each side, and the soundtrack on the left side. The 35mm reel is a series of frames when run through a projector, frame by frame, producing a motion picture. A single still frame of your favorite character, movie scene, or TV series is what is called a Film Cell. Each frame or film cell are of high image clarity and sharpness since they are taken from the original 35mm film footage. They are great quality of color, black & white of individual clips. Having a film cell is like having a piece of the movie. With the coming digital age they will be phased out completely one day.

The above picture shows the quality

How to Store your Slides

When storing your slides, use a 3 ring binder and place your 20 pocket loose leaf plastic archive page inside. Store them in a cool, dry, dark place. Excessive heat, humidity, and intense light for long periods of time can damage your slides.

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