Pink Himalayan Ice Crystal Rough Kullu Pass India


Photos are enlarged to better show detail. Please see exact measurements below.

~~Himalayan Ice~~

**Himalayan Mtns, Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh, Northern India**

2.15" x 1.65" x 1.45" 81.7 grams

Himalayan Ice is a unique crystal coming from high in the Himalayas surrounding the Kullu Valley, in Himachal Pradesh, Northern India. With elevations of over 18,000 feet it is a land that has been covered with glaciers for untold thousands of years. The melting of some of these ancient glaciers is uncovering a wonderful gift from Mother Earth. These unique crystals are unlike any other quartz. They are etched and knarled, rugged, with deep crannies, strange contours, and convoluted shapes. This may be a result of the eons under the ice and/or acids in their environments, whatever the cause of the growth interference, it results in wondrous elestial beauty! Most don't show the regular six sided body typical of Quartz. Some do show some facets and somewhat smooth sides, some are wand-like while others are thick and rather squat. Each one is unique! They have been found in a lovley pink and also clear white. The pink exhibits in about half of the specimens. It is due to the presence of Hematite. Many of these crystals have Trigonic markings which are downward pointing triangles etched on the
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