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This is probably the best invention we have come across. Ever. Labelled 'the booze buddy' it doesn't answer back, always to hand when you need it, doesn't spill and will still be there by your side even when your completley legless singing your encore. We have tried this piece of kit out at numerous gigs. Now official regulars of the Betty Ford clinic. Also fits onto Hi-Hat stands etc. so your drummer need not feel left out!

Please note that this auction is for 1 drinking buddy, the images are just to show off it's handsome looks etc..

Vital Statistics

Black sturdy screwy thing which will tighten onto most mic stands, hi-hat stands, music stands etc. up to 22mm 80mm diameter area to stand glass on Holds most drinking vessels - pints, halves, schooners etc. 'Safety' bar to prevent your pint from falling out! User Reviews - the Impartial Truth from real users

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