PIO Vitamin Q .022uf .015uf BumbleBee Repro LP ZoSo Kit

ZoSo Tone Capacitor Kit for Les Paul

This auction is for a set of American Made NOS - Paper in Oil - Vitamin Q - Audio capacitors for use in customizing electric guitars with humbucking pickup. These values (N.015/B.022) are famously referred to as the Jimmy Page tone configuation. These Paper in Oil caps will clean up your over-all tone and add a little more bite to the neck pickup.

Lots of people will tell you that the type / material of the caps you use in a guitar tone circuit doesn't matter. I strongly disagree with that from my experience, I personally like the sound of paper-in-oil type caps in guitar tone circuits a lot better than polyester or ceramic or polypropylene caps. My ears hear a nicer, rounder sound as the tone controls are in use with paper-in-oil caps. My Shredding Metal customers are shocked to hear gut kicking power chords and howling leads coming from caps famous for "vintage tone"?! Good tone is good tone - Period! Your crunch will be crunchier, your metal heavier and your blues will make them cry!

These are New Old Stock (NOS) American made capacitor reproduced to look like a Vintage BumbleBee. Real BumbleBees are expensive, because NOS BumbleBees are next to impossible to find. Used BumbleBee (most likely pulled from old electronic equipment) may have degraded over time since
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