PIO Vitamin Q .022uf + .015uf BumbleBee Repro ZoSo Tone

Last batch...May not be able to get more like these...

ZoSo Tone Capacitors for Les Paul and SG Style Guitars

This auction is for a set/pair of American Made Jimmy Page style NOS - .015uf and .022uf - Paper in Oil - Vitamin Q - Audio capacitors for use in customizing electric guitars with humbucking pickup. These Sprague equivalent capacitors meets or exceeds MIL-C-25 C (VitQ) performance, positive hermetic closure of the metal cases assured by glass-to-metal solder-seal terminals and will clean up and add alittle more bite to your over-all tone.

This kit includes capacitors, installation instructions for Les Paul style guitars and insulation sleeves of your color choice (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue or White - If you do not specify a color in the payment, I will randomly select a color for the order).

These are New Old Stock (NOS) American made capacitor reproduced to look like a Vintage BumbleBee. Real BumbleBees are expensive, because NOS BumbleBees are next to impossible to find. Used BumbleBee (most likely pulled from old electronic equipment) may have degraded over time since they were not Vitamin Q to start with - in short, they are no longer their original capacitance value (more like .033) - will they hold up? Gibson also used BumbleBees look-alikes for their new VOS Les Pauls, but alot of
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