Pioneer CT-F1050 Cassette Deck, for Parts or Restore

Pioneer CT-F1050 Cassette Tape Deck For Parts or Restore

Up for your bidding is a fairly rare Pioneer CT-F1050 cassette tape deck, for parts or restoration. Serial numberAJ9300336. This deck was at the top of the Pioneer line when it was made. Its feature list is about as long as my arm but I’ll mention the ones that caught my eye. It features automatic reverse, auto repeat functions, a highly reliable 2 motor tape transport mechanism and a hyperbolic recording/playback head. T is a 3 position tape selection switch for metal, chrome and regular tape. It uses LEDs for function indicators and the level meter. The deck was originally set up for 220 volt European operation but converted to 120 volts for US operation via the voltage selector switch on the deck’s back panel. The remote control is not included in this auction.

I obtained this tape deck several years ago from a friend who purchased it new from the Army-Air Force Exchange System in Germany about 1982. It was used for several years but eventually required a new drive belt. My friend obtained the belt and installed it himself. One small spring was omitted from the reassembly operation and not wanting to disassemble the deck again, he retired it to storage. It has been stored for at least 20 years. The spring is still taped to the top of the deck. I intended
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