The Pipe Cleaning RETORT is the result of many years of experimentation by a 40 yr. pipe smoker and collector. The system removes gunk from the pores of the briar,specifically the heel, to sweeten and sterilize. Swabbing with pipe cleaners will not do the job, especially the musty estate pipe and also is great for changing blends without crossover taste.

The RETORT kit includes a gererous supply of name brand tapered pipe cleaners both fluffy and bristle, a hand blown retort bulb and stem of thick quality glass, a natural rubber connector bulb {not hose} to attach various size stems.

The Al based bracer is Isopropyl 91% {rubbing alcohol} is the cleaner of choice, not only reasonably priced but less volitile, readily available at drug stores.

Positive feedbacks from smokers forums vouches for the performance of the system and is fun to operate. Complete step by step instructions are included and tech help in mastering the boil is always available.

The Pipe Retort is made by and sold as a fund raiser for The Sanctuary for Unwanted and Neglected Animals S.U.N.A.. T are no payed employees and all donations from purchase are used to pay our obscene vet bills. We are a 501 c3 agency and a reciept for your donation will be provided.