Molina Pipe - Combination of design and pipe-making artistry

The Molina atelier is one of a handful of surviving pipe makers in northern Italy . For centuries, this region has been renowned for being the centre of Europe 's great tradition of handmade pipes, producing some of the finest smoking instruments in the world.

Carrying on this tradition is the heritage of Molina. Indeed, the Molina atelier of Varese , Italy is especially famous for producing elegantly crafted pipes.

The finest and most expensive Corsican briar is used in the well formed bowl that fits the hand so comfortably; this more than century-old Corsican briar root forms the basis of the Molina craftsmanship, but what the artisans do with it is nothing short of miraculous. The classic shapes are meticulously hand fashioned, scrupulously polished, and fitted with hand-cut acrylic mouthpieces that assure that the easy draw of the Molina pipe will last for years.

One at a time, each pipe is individually handled by the Molina artisans (under the watchful of master artisan G. Carollo) and fitted with the smoothest, most rugged saddle bits that are guaranteed to bring satisfaction to even the most demanding smoker.

Molina is a pipe you'll enjoy for years to come because Molina's designer of great pipes makes no compromise with
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