Pipka Cornish Santa Figurine Sculpture Retired NEW

Pipka Cornish Santa Pipka Cornish Santa Is a Limited Edition Issue from 2007, Retired October 15, 2008, which makes it a treasured piece of art. Each piece comes signed and numbered within its certificate of authenticity in its original gift box. The Cornish Santa is named "Tas Nadelik, which is a Celtic name that embodies the spirit of the Cornish People. Santa is dressed in his pure white outfit while he seems to beckon to the miners working underground in the dart and dirty mines to come outside "with me and let's walk in the fresh air along the Cornish coastline". Fishing boats are in the waters by his feet, and he carries a simple tree and a sprig of mistletoe is carries in his hood. Santa's sack is filled with Cornish culture of miner's lamps, steam engine, pastries and pirate dolls. He has a crow like bird riding on his shoulder with a orange beak, known as a Cornish Chough. The car that is following him is representative of the legend of the "Mousehole Lights" which is a Cornish Legend about the fishing village of Mousehole, in Cornwall. This piece is from the Memories of Christmas Pipka Collection, and is a true piece of art. Santa measures approximately 10.75" tall and would make a great gift for the Santa collector. It is so beautiful, if you so desire, you can displayed him all year round, not just at the holiday
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