Pirate Raider Deluxe, Fisher Price Imaginext

The Pirate Raider Deluxe is a large, 3 masted vessel, with a rowboat. Numerous cannon, which actually fire projectiles (very important to boys!). This was my son's favorite toy for several years - he would always want to play "Pirate Ship", which meant, of course, mock battles. This may not qualify as "collectable", but I do not think they make this any more, the other "Pirate Raider" toys on ebay are smaller and have fewer sails, cannon, and parts. Complete, very good condition, no broken or missing parts (sort of a miracle, because t are a lot of small parts that go with this, e.g., pirate figures, parrot, projectiles, rowboat, treasure chest with treasure, swords). Includes the instructions and box. Shipping estimate is just a guess, buyer to pay actual shipping/packing charges from UPS. I think it was about $65 originally. This was a great toy, good for many hours of activity, and it encouraged imaginative play better than any other toy we ever bought.