Pith Helmet British Bombay Bowler

For Sale: A British Pith Helmet "Bombay Bowler" made in India byRanken & co.Ltd. Calcutta-Simla-New Delhi, Lahore-Rawalapindi. Helmet is 1930's- WWII. The helmet is dirty,all 7 rows of pugaree,intact. It is old, not falling apart though! Inside of helmet is rotted silk, except for the white inside silk see photo-but is soiled. Brown leather hatband is worn and sweated. Has dark brown leather visor strap. The helmet is not warped or dented, nice and solid.And no crushing. At least 65 years old. Was made very well. The size is a 7 1/4 proper fit- some wiggle room.Also, some liquid spill on front of crown-visable in photo.I suspect Brasso or Noxon spilled.