PJ'S Carousel Collection 2 Horses & Lion MINT! RARE! NR

Authentic & Rare! PJ'S Carousel Collection. King, Heartbreaker & Brown Beauty! These exquisite pieces are MINT! Low Starting Price and No Reserve! I believe these retail for about $200.00 each.
The carousel pieces are proudly made in Newbern, VA. Each piece is cast from an original which was sculpted by local Virginia artists. Pieces are duplicated in miniature detail from actual photos of the original. The âeoeParkâe Collection are animals only from carousels in actual operation today. The piece is molded and poured with Gemwood (a wood product), base coated and hand-painted in traditional carousel colors. Each piece is identified to its original carver style with an engraved metal plate. Each piece in the collection is sure to bring back may fond memories and will be treasured as a collectors item in future years
The Pictures do not do these pieces justice. The detail and craftmanship is stunning.
Lot Includes:
1.) KING: Introduced: 1991. Limit: 1000. Edition: Centennial Edition. Height: 13". Width: 11".
King was reproduced from the famed carousel in New Orleans City Park.
The Plaque on the base reads:
City Park - New Orleans, LA.
Carmel Style - CIRCA 1905
Centennial Edition 1991 - 0137/1000
King is etched with PJ's on its saddle and Michelle Phelps on its flank and stamped
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