Plane Maker's Float

Plane Maker's Float This plane maker's float is used by traditional hand plane makers for cleaning up hard to reach areas to fit the iron. The float is made from hand forged steel with a hardness abount Rc 50. It also can be reshaped on a grinder to suit your own purpose. Although it is called plane maker's float, but it also comes handy when you want to clean up a tough to reach corner quickly.

Zen Toolworks ordered this float from a master traditional tool maker. Quantity is very limited. Bid with confidence and enjoy your woodworking.

~~~ Enjoy ~~~ Specifications


Hand Forged Steel(1/4 ")

Overall Length:

13 in.

Length of Blade:

8 In.

Width of Blade:

Tappered from 3/4 in. to 1/4 in.

Average Thickness:

1/4 in.

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