PLASTICVILLE BILLBOARD solarex sunglasses-SUNOCO tanker-horse transport-5&10-bar

Everything shown in the pictures, entire LOT can be yours for a bid of $9.99 plus reasonable shipping. The billboard - BILL BOARD is 5" wide x 2 3/4" tall ORIGINAL advertisment "Wherever you are outdoors wear...SOLAREX SUNGLASSES". LIONEL LINES 6015 SUNOCO tanker railroad car 10,000 gals capacity, yellow, all parts present and in working order, needs cleaning. HORSE TRANSPORT CAR 6473 fast express built by LIONEL, undercarraige & wheels rusty, wheels turn easily, all parts present in working order with rolling stock car horse heads moving in/out. PLASTICVILLE Super Market with original widow display, light glue with left side stain. PLASTICVILLE 5 AND 10 one window with original display, 1/2" hole in roof, light glue. PLASTICVILLE FROSTY BAR white roof with missing letters 'Y & BAR'. RAILROAD TERMINAL PASSENGER STATION roof repaired with heavy glue, walls lightly glued, walkway ramp detaches. RAILROAD TRAIN STATION (Terminal Passenger Station) comes with matching OUTDOOR WAITING TRANSFER STATION AREA made by PLASTICVILLE. 5 TELEGRAPH/TELEPHONE free standing POLES made by MAR TOYS. 3 white railroad track-free swinging barrier arms. 1 RAILROAD PROPERTY KEEP OUT sign. 6 little PLASTICVILLE railroad passenger people in original container, 3 female (girl with red cape, woman with white suitcase, woman with black luggage),

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