Plasticville 7 buildings, three complete; 4 missing pts

The first paragraph is for background. See paragraph2 to skip to specifics. I’ve owned this set for almost 55 years an am the second owner . It was originally purchased in the Chicagoland area in the early 50s. My parents got if for me in the mid 50s as part of a large 2 train layout. I got half. It was used sparingly by me [ temporary setup at Christmas time] until I left for California after college graduation. Layout never got setup, long story. It, and the rest of the equipment[also for sale] was in pristine condition, but unknown to me my parents let my nephews use it for half dozen years before I became aware. They got it back for me, most in its original boxes but in a lesser condition. I’ve been in California now for almost 45 years and without a basement, it has sat in storage. My kids preferred HO gauge, they’re been on the their own now for over 11 years, so now is the time for me to part with the hobby while I am still able to downsize [am retired, almost 65yrs old]. I have decided to part out the total set, because sections are in different cosmetic conditions, to keep the items affordable, and also to satisfy buyer’s specific needs.
The plasticville cathedral is complete including the bell. The stain glass windows are all excellent, but the small
circular stain glass in the steeple disintegrated with age.
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