Plasticville ??? Cape/Bungalow style Mystery house Blue/White No Box

Plasticville Mystery House Kit
I have no idea who made this
I am sure some of you collector's do
Cape/bungalow style house
It's blue and white
7" long
5 1/2 " deep
4 1/2 high to roof appex(not the chimney)
Chimney is a slightly different white shade so it's probably a repro
Has a blue trellis on one end as you can see in the pictures
Adhesive residue between front door and window
We are not train people,and cannot tell if the parts are original or later repros.Please assume they are repos and bid accordingly
We are selling a friend's large plasticville collection.Some of the lots will be in boxes and may contain one or no complete items,but many pieces.Please bid accordingly.
Shipping can be combined on multiple purchases.Must be within 7 days.Do not check out.We will weigh items for postage and send invoice cheapest/fastest way. Please note sometimes priority and parcel post are only a few cents priority will be used.
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Please note.I did not see it before but there is a top crosspiec of the trellis broken off.