Plasticville Collection of 10 Buildings

10 Plasticville buildings.
1. Colonial Church - One pivot pin is broken from the bottom of the left door, and the cross is missing.
2. Colonial House - The TV antenna is broken, and one pin is broken off the porch base.
3. Fire Station.
4. Gas Station.
5. Hobo Shacks - Theis is good for parts only, as more parts are missing from the box than are left.
6. Loading Platform.
7. Post Office - One light is broken.
8. TV Station - The top of one of the antenna parts is broken, and the light that sits on top of the antenna is missing.
9. Switch Tower - One of the doors is melted, and there is a melt spot in one of the side walls.
10. Water Tower.
This item is from my own collection which I am selling in an effort to devote more time to other hobbies.
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