Plasticville 'O' Gauge 963-100 Frontier Set from the Lionel Halloween Train Set

OK, here’s the background on this item: Mom bought the chance at the local Rexalldrug store back in 1960. Won the Halloween set and I carried it home. Ran it a few times at Christmas. I went into the service, and my brother had the set for many years. As is the usual case, he got tired of using the box for storage and threw it away(He had a sad look on his face when I told him how much just the box was worth:>)). Played with by his kids for many years and finally ended up in my hands a few years ago. I’m keeping the train set – it has some playwear but many good memories. However, the 963-100 box will probably end up in the trash when I kick the bucket so I’m selling it now. Please look closely at the pics. The box displays very well, but you can see how the back seam is torn on both sides. Nothing missing from the box, but looks like some kind of repair was attempted on the one corner – looks like some kind of glue residue. Contents appear to be original according to my brother. The one cabin side has one log end broken off and there is a melt mark on this same piece. Horses and cows look to be correct according to picture. Windmill is suspect – looks to be in excellent condition like it was never played with. However, it is stamped Plasticville by Bachman on the bottom, I thought that it would just say Plasticville. He says

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