Plasticville HO Train Buildings & Accessories Lot

Up for bid are a group of partial Plasticville HO buildings and accessories including:

Drive Up Bank (missing one door, one door insert, roof and the planter greenery) has 2 customer tables, long counter top, desk, safe, roof vent outlet, 3 awnings, bank sign (missing some of sticker) and 3 awning support piecesRanch house with chimney (missing roof) 2 roof parts and 3 walls (1 missing a window insert) to a small house Split level house (missing couple of walls, antenna, maybe another piece) includes welcome mat, patio railings, 2 small chimney pieces, 3 lower level walls, 2 upper level walls and the 2 roofs. Suburban station missing roof signs and chimney Station platform (missing 1 support & roof) Small 4 piece deck attachment to ? 7 signs (most likely Tyco) 1 crate 18 citizens (a couple have slight damage)

Lot sold as is. All questions should be submitted at least 24 hours before end of auction. Buyer to pay shipping and is responsible for payment within 48 hours of end of auction and/or receiving an invoice from me. Massachusetts residents are responsible for the state tax. I do not charge a shipping and handling charge and reuse and recycle packaging materials to save you money on shipping. I only charge what USPS charges me for your item with very few exceptions. Should you request special packaging that requires

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