Plasticville - Large Lot - Must See all Pictures!

These are all of the Plasticville pieces from an American Flyer train set-up originally bought by my uncle in the late 1940's or early 1950's. I don't know anything about this stuff, so I tried to take some decent pictures. None of the items are in mint condition, and I think most of buildings are missing parts such as windows, doors, trim, etc. None of the pieces were ever glued together, so they will all ship unassembled.

There is a school, hardware store, 5 & 10, and post office. Also a supermarket (a piece of the front is broken but still there). There is also a has an outhouse which doesn't show up well in the pictures but is in excellent condition. Additional pictures show the little house along with the fence and the partial big house and some extra small house parts.

I don't know what the black structure is. The uprights are attached to their bases, but 1 leg on each side is broken (a little glue could fix that). The other parts appear to be intact.

There are a couple of platforms and roof pieces. Also a dozen good telephone poles, with 4 more that are not perfect. And finally 11 pieces of split rail fence (also Plasticville?).

I think I have the supermarket roof, but it's broken into 3 large peices. I'll include that too of course. I found a couple little road signs that
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