Please read the description carefully as some pieces are missing on this item. I have here some old stock, that is still new, never having been assembled. This is a K-LINEVILLE FACTORY in the original box (included) that was never assembled, but over the years some of the pieces have disappeared. What is missing is one window insert and one door, and the rollers on one door are broken off and would have to be glued back, the piece is here, just broken off. This can be a really nice building when assembled and with some ingenuity you can make the door and window insert yourself, using either plastic or cardboard. There are a lot of accessories included with this, 7 factory worker figures, 2 hand trucks, fork lift truck, 2 different types of scales, a cart, and 2 crates on skids. So this is a loaded up item that adds some real appeal with all the accessories, even with the missing pieces. Other items included that need to be assembled are the loading dock, roof overhang for the loading dock, smoke stack, and ramp leading to the one door along with the other window inserts and doors. I also have other PLASTICVILLE buildings and accessories available on E-bay. Thanks for looking.