Plasticville Model Train Buildings/Structures (5) and Misc Accessories

I am selling five used Plasticville structures/buildings typically used for model train set displays. Also provided are miscellaneous train platform accessories. The Plasticville structures have the original boxes albeit in used condition but original nonetheless. The houses were part of my childhood holiday train set display. I am selling the Lionel 027 gauge Pennsylvania Railroad trains as a separate eBay item.
Following is a list of items and conditions:
Church 1600 100: Church is missing one of the four sides of the steeple, otherwise in good condition. Somehow I retained the cross, but lost the one steeple side? See pictures.
Suburban Station 1616 100: Missing one Plasticville station sign for top of roof. One bench has one leg broken off.
Windmill 1408 79: I believe all parts are included including the ladder. One leg of the windmill is broken at the stand but is not noticeable.
Signal Bridge 1403 79: I believe all parts are included. One leg is broken at the stand, again not noticeable. One of the safety rails has a break but it is not noticeable and does not affect the appearance.
Misc Train Stuff: 1 Barn like building (may be Plasticville?) Missing door; 2 railway gate crossings, 5 Telephone poles, 1 small lamp post, 2 small yellow barrels, 9 molded cars.