Item(s) is in very good condition with flaws as seen in the picture. I do not list every minor scratch, minor paint chip, minor box tears, minor worn spots, unglued flap tabs, and other things that are typical of an item in very good condition for the age of that item. Look at the picture and email me if unsure of something you see. Major Flaws that cannot be seen are listed in the below description.

I don't clean the pieces - You get old dirt with the old pieces. Sometimes white glued is not removed – this is easily flicked off or soaked off. Think of it as an artifact. Don't get spastic when you see the dirt like one guy did.


Plasticville sold for O and S scales - Nice Box - Complete - pin is broken off porch base (not an assembled problem).

Do to eBay's listing policy change - I am now listing 50 high initial price bid items the first 2 weeks of each month . I will then follow with moreover layout items with lower starting bids.

I combine shipping and keep costs to the post office plus about $.50 to 1.25 handling.

Wait for my bill on combined shipments – the eBay calculation program is not accurate.

Shipping, Tracking and Handling is included in the postage. APO and Overseas shipping is more and needs to be quoted.

I do not offer insurance for items
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