Platinum Carbon Pen & BLUE Pigmented Ink Waterproof NEW


BLUE Pigmented

Waterproof Ink

with Carbon Pen

and Piston Converter

A unique offering of two hard to find items -- Platinum's NEW BLUE Pigmented Ink and Platinum's Carbon Pen . All products are brand new.


Platinum's Carbon pen, a fountain pen designed to work with the Carbon Black ink and the new Pigmented Blue. In a desk pen style, black resin, pressure fit cap, 6¾” long w/o cap. Pen includes a Platinum piston converter and one Carbon ink cartridge. Packaging is simple and includes instructions – but everything is in Japanese. Nib is stainless (gold plated) and an extra-fine size.


We’ve had a lot of customers using Platinum Black Carbon Ink successfully – now Platinum has introduced a new pigmented BLUE fountain pen ink.

Platinum Pigment Blue Ink is pigmented in order to improve its water-resisting property, light stability and heat-resisting qualities, while other inks might be illusive water-based dyes. Pigment Blue is thus suitable for important documents requiring archival qualities. Pigment Blue also performs well with watercolors or colored inks as Pigmented Ink tends to resist running. This ink has many fine art applications, but many users will enjoy its performance in fountain pens

Relative to dye based
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