Platinum Double Action R3 Flying Cranes Multi-function Pen

Platinum Double Action R3 Multi-function Pen

Mechanism Pencil + Ballpoint Pens ( Black and Red)

Product Number: MWB-5000RM #18

Model: Double 3 Action

Lead: 0.5mm

Refill: 0.7mm Black and Red

Diameter: 10.5 mm

Length: 144 mm

Made in JAPAN


Platinum produces a variety of Maki-E pens, including lacquer carving, pearl inlay and pens with the Kanshitu-rough volcanic-type surface. In 1919, Syunichi Nakata, a collector of imported fountain pens, opened a small fountain pen shop in Okayama, Japan. His shop became very successful in a short period. In 1924, he moved to downtown Tokyo, adjacent to several pen manufacturers, and officially named his company Nakaya Seisakusho. The company exceeded earlier success and grew to nearly 80 employees. Later in 1924, Nakata changed the company name to the Platinum Pen Company. Platinum initially sold pens via mail order to office workers and teachers in small villages throughout Japan. Soon, they were exporting to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Java. In 1978, Platinum introduced its longest-lasting model to date, the 3776 fountain pen. Platinum named it in reverence to Mt. Fuji, which is 3776 meters tall. And in 1981, the New York Modern Museum of Art displayed Platinum's Z pen. The company has continued to
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