Platinum mosaic Art glass Cigar Ashtray by Ponyglass

registered trademark since 2002 in 39 countries
that specialized in production home decor made of art glass with real gold leaf
Photo: Boutique Ponyglass
Brand Ponyglass was founded in Kiev (Ukraine) which is one of the oldest and most peculiar cities of Eastern Europe. That`s why a lot of our products have acquired a wonderful spirit of a pagan culture and the task of guarding home cleanliness, filling its space with the atmosphere of convivial sensuality and helping to enjoy the life.
Photo: the Clock Golden Sun in the private interior
Photo: the Clock Platinum Labyrinth in the private interior
Ponyglass products are hand-made and assembled from a lot of little glass details, carefully cut out by experienced craftsmen using special templates.
Even chaotic - like mosaics used for decorating Golden and Platinum Quadrate and Golden Sun and White Sun collections are hand-made.
In order to create them a craftsman cautiously nips off tiny glass pieces from a big glass sheet using special tweezers, so that its precious surface is not damaged.
We use real gold leaf from German brand Heraeus, and color glass from American brand Spectrum.
Photo: Assembling a clocks deal from chaotic-like mosaics with gold leaf Before leaving the factory every Ponyglass item is several
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