Platinum Plaisir Double Sealed Cap Blue FINE (0.3) nib Fountain Pen

Super-sealing Mechanism No dryup Fountain pen

Big Advancement Frontiers of Improvement

Platinum Double SEALED CAP


Fountain pen with Fine nib (0.3 mm)

Platinum fountain pen company got this success

fountain pen technology after their long 14 years research…..please go through the description to know about the history of this great fountain pen

These days Plaisir has grab the Japanese fountain pen market by his attractive color diversification. It comes with seven different colors. When I saw the pen first time, it totally touch my inside heart. We believe everything happened for a reason. Here also has some reason, I am really curious about it.

When I am reviewing this pen, my first eye goes to his Usability of the fountain pen . It says, even if you don’t use the pen for 2 years, it can write as new as first time without any hurdles. It means no lack of ink flow or so on. But question is WHY?

As you know, Japan has latest technology of SEALING Tech in various expects of our society. Such as SEALED Space shuttle equipments which are frequently use in NASA, JAXA etc . This time Platinum has used same SEALED technologyin the Plaiser fountain pen’s cap in order to make CAP 100% SEALED. They used a special sealed plastic inside the cap so the
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