playboy 1956 lot of 12 January- December 56 fine- mint!

This auction is for a lot of 12 fine to mint Playboy 1956 magazines! Included is all 12 issues, from January of 1956 all the way to December 1956! Issues kept in a smoke free, animal free storage facility. * *Insert= Miss "insert month "
January 1956 - fine condition, with time stamp on top left hand corner. Nothing coming out, everything in order. Holiday issue. all pages intact, no fraying, or marks other than time stamp stating "DEC 29 P.M." No addresses, removed titles or anything out of the ordinary. Spine is intact, and in great condition!
February 1956 - fine condition, with time stamp again, middle of the page across the bunny. "Jan 31 P.M." pages are intact, nothing missing, everything is in order. spine is strong, and remarkably t is little wear on the spine. staples still attaching pages. everything is in great condition.
March 1956 - good condition, top front cover of magazine is slightly frayed, along with the first four pages, but the rest of the magazine is free from frays. the spine is in great condition, and the magazine is not worn. pages are still in great condition, none of them are falling out. everything is A-OK!
April 1956 - Mint condition. Cover is untouched, and so is the rest of the magazine. The magazine is in Excellent Condition! every page is intact, nothing is missing, spine is
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