Playboy Bunny Pachislo Skill Stop Slot Machine LCD

This is a DREAM machine for any fan of the Playboy brand, and isavailable for the first time on U.S. soil in this very limitedrelease.

* The machine plugs right in to your wall and t is no installation required (110 volt ready)
* Factory re-furbished slot machine
* Two year warranty with each machine which covers everything but the light bulbs.
* A key for complete access to your machine
* Reset switch / Key to change the odds.
* Basic operating manual, along with unlimited technical support by phone
* Custom made labels in each machine so that you can easily locate the reset switch, power, and volume controls without referring to the manual (refer to the picture to your left.)
* Play 1, 2, or 3 coins at once (some of the newer machines are 3 coin max bet only) If you have a question about the machine listed in this ad please email us.
* Accepts tokens only and cannot be readily changed to accept coins
* Full light and sound just like you've enjoyed in the casinos for years!

Includes a fully animated LCD screen which provides hours of entertainment.

Upon arrival of the machines from the Japanese Casinos to the refurbishment facility, the transformation to like-new conditioning begins.

The cabinet defects are filled and sanded to ensure a uniform surface. The cabinet
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